Locogen's Biomass Boiler Servicing: Protecting Your Investment, Optimising Performance

Locogen’s experienced and accredited biomass boiler servicing technicians will service your biomass boiler to your manufacturer’s requirements, ensuring safe and efficient operation, while meeting your RHI obligations and maintaining your warranty.

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Protect your RHI Income

If you receive RHI payments you have an obligation to maintain your appliance to ensure it’s working efficiently . You must have your appliance serviced by suitably qualified technicians and keep records of all maintenance for inspection. Failure to do so could result in loss of your eligibility for RHI payments.

Maintain your warranty cover

Your boiler manufacturer will insist that both installation and maintenance of your appliance be carried out by an authorised installer. This is necessary to maintain your warranty and will include an annual service.
Locogen’s qualified technicians will ensure your annual service and any additional maintenance activities are carried out to the specification of the manufacturer.

Optimise Performance

A poorly maintained biomass boiler can cost you money, both in terms of increased fuel consumption and reduced RHI payments.
Just a 4mm build of soot on a 1 MW Boiler could reduce RHI payments by £37,030 or require you to burn an extra 416 tonnes of chip per annum to hit your RHI target.


A Comprehensive Package to Reduce Operational Costs and Maximise Efficiency

  • Phone support during office hours
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Inspect boiler access door seals
  • Inspect hearth elements
  • Inspect boiler exhaust system
  • Inspect mechanical seals
  • Inspect ignition device
  • Lubricate and adjust all running gear (drive chains and bearings)
  • Test operation of all protective devices
  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Clean Fans
  • Clean Fuel Feed system
  • Clean Hearth
  • Clean boiler exhaust system
  • ​Check and calibrate control system
  • Check, calibrate and record control parameters
  • Check all control system power terminal integrity
  • Check all panel hardware integrity
  • Test, run and check operation of all boiler systems
  • Record and report all findings, settings and any future replacement requirements
  • Check Fuel Store and clean
  • Inhibitor topped up if required – cost will discussed on a case by case basis
  • Record and report all findings, settings and any future replacement requirements​


Spread your yearly biomass boiler servicing costs with direct debit from £19.99* per Month.

To discuss your own biomass boiler servicing needs, please call our service hotline on 0131 285 5757, email service@locogen.com or use our contact form here.


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