Locogen's Architectural Services: Protecting Your Investment, Enhancing Your Build 

Locogen's experienced engineers will assess your property's heat loss and make recommendations on appropriate technologies to enhance your build. 

Heat diagrams outlining architectural services

Architectural Services Overview 

Locogen’s experienced and accredited engineers provide a turnkey service to assess your property’s energy demand and heat loss, making recommendations on appropriate technologies to maximise efficiency standards and enhance your build. 

Our Architectural Services consultants offer clients a detailed assessment of the energy demands of their property and presents the most appropriate and advantageous solutions. We work with architects, suppliers, designers and clients to provide a totally impartial service, independent of any one technology or supplier. Our architectural service consists of two phases, which can be implemented together or discretely.

Design-Stage SAP & Options Appraisal for Building Warrant 

From layout drawings and provided build-ups, we can use our own heat loss model specific to each property to determine the heating requirements of the build. Combining this with the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and thermal bridging expertise we can aid the property to, not only pass, but excel against energy efficiency standards and make recommendations for appropriate technologies to enhance the build. These recommendations are presented in an accompanying 'Options Appraisal' with cost-comparisons, including anticipated running costs, environmental impact and payback periods. The design-stage SAP with the preferred technologies can then be used in a building warrant submission.

Detailed Design & Equipment Specification (Optional)

Once familiar with the build and preferences of the client, we can determine the most appropriate solution for the project. From our extensive experience and long-term supplier relationships, we can specify all the materials and appliances needed, along with all detail required for installers. At this point we can also provide precise costs for the build.

As-Built SAP for Completion Certificate

When the build is finalised, our accredited On-construction Domestic Energy Assessors can then convert the design-stage SAP to an 'As-built' SAP. This may take place several years after the build but as long as all information is evidenced and the original model is regularly updated, a final EPC can be lodged for the property, as is required for the completion certificate.

A Comprehensive Package to Reduce Heat Loss and Maximise Cost Savings 

We are both technology and vendor independent, recommending only the best solution for your build.
Our expertise includes:


  • U value calculations
  • Thermal bridging analysis
  • New build dwelling Energy Performance Certificates (SAP)
  • Existing dwelling Energy Performance Certificates (rdSAP)
  • Thermal Energy Modeling 
  • ​Bespoke Energy Systems Design 
  • Equipment Specifications and Layouts 
  • Instrumentation Diagrams 


  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • District heating
  • Biomass
  • Solar PV
  • Solar thermal
  • Ventilation specification
  • Hot water circuit system schematic and emitter specification
  • Energy storage

We ensure compliance with: 

  • Efficiency Standards (MCS) 
  • Building Standards (Section 6/EPC) 
  • Incentive Requirements (RHI, SEG) 

We work with architects, suppliers, designers and clients to provide a totally impartial service. Contact us to learn more.