At Locogen, we have been actively developing renewable energy projects since 2009. Our current portfolio includes a number of wind turbines, solar farms and a 500kW hydro system in the Scottish Highlands, and we are now progressing our first energy storage projects. To find out more, read our development case studies.

Most of our projects have been developed as joint ventures with landowners and/or private equity investors. We’re keen to invest in new projects and are always looking for new partners.

Partner with us

Progress your own project using our experience, or invest in one of our developments.

Lease your site

Locogen offers a zero-risk approach to renewable energy development for a landowner or business. We agree a lease and put this in place for your site. We then take full responsibility for the consenting, financing, installation and operation of the development. There are no costs for the landowner and you benefit from a percentage of the revenue from the project, which is paid to you annually. If you have a high usage site then we can also have a look at ways to connect a renewable energy system to your infrastructure, supplying you with cheap, green electricity for on-site usage.

If you would like to invest in the project but don’t want to take on the full responsibility, we are also happy to look into joint venture options. This spreads the project risk but gives you access to our expert services and experience in the sector. The majority of our development projects are currently set up as JVs.

If you have a site which you would like us to look at please get in touch.

Looking for investment?

Whatever stage your project is at, if you need investment please get in touch. Whether you are looking for a joint venture partner, or need assistance accessing finance, we can help. We are well-networked with a number of equity investment companies and have a wealth of experience securing both secured and un-secured finance for ourselves and our clients. We're also looking for new projects to invest in ourselves.