An electrical energy saving technique that reduces bills and carbon footprint

Voltage Optimisation (VO) is an electrical energy saving technique that provides a reduced supply voltage for site equipment.

Discover more about the benefits of VO technology.

Here’s how our team can help to deliver bespoke VO solutions:

  • Site assessment
    Because every building is unique in the amount of energy it needs and the way it uses this energy, we work with VO suppliers to carry out site specific assessments and provide tailored solutions. Through half-hourly energy data, voltage logging and load analysis we determine how much we can reduce your utility bills and your carbon footprint.
  • Installation
    Once the design is completed, our experienced field engineers carry out the installation under the supervision of our project managers and equipment suppliers to ensure a high quality of installation with minimal intrusion on the site’s existing operations.
  • Monitoring
    Post installation we carry out further monitoring to analyse the performance and savings. This ensures the system is operating as it should be and providing the end user with the expected benefits.

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