Proficient, insightful and meticulous wind resource analysis services to developers, lenders, vendors, financial institutions, local authorities, community groups and landowners.

Understanding the wind resource at a potential wind farm site is an essential step in the development process and in monitoring an asset’s performance. Locogen have extensive knowledge and expertise in wind data analysis and in conducting energy yield assessments for both pre-construction and operational assets. Locogen’s consultancy team can offer specialist insight into wind farm energy yield, having worked on sites with complex terrain and forestry as well as offshore wind farms. 

Locogen’s experience investing in their own wind energy projects allows for a comprehensive understanding of risks associated with pre-construction development of wind farms which we are able to pass onto our clients and highlight at the earliest stage. In addition, Locogen provide asset management services to multiple wind farm sites across the UK which includes reporting on the wind speed and energy yield performance against predicted figures. Further, Locogen enact a continual learning process where knowledge obtained in the role as asset manager is fed into the pre-construction assessment to inform appropriate losses. 

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