Expert, comprehensive and transparent biomass services to those facing issues with biomass installations or other renewable heating systems. 

For our biomass expert witness service, we typically begin with a physical inspection of the installation and a review of any technical documentation pertinent to the case. We may arrange additional independent tests or analyse data in order to provide the fullest understanding of the situation and how it has occurred. This information will be distilled into our expert opinion on the case into a report which can be used as part of any legal proceedings or client negotiations. Where required, Locogen will also present this nforation verbally in court.

Further, we aim to operate in a completely open and transparent way. We ensure we engage with the client at the earliest stage to understand their grievance in detail, and using our experience tease out all of the relevant details and information. The client will receive a detailed and comprehensive understanding of our independent expert view on the situation, the causes, and where required the remediation process. 

Locogen can also provide this service in relation to all aspects of biomass systems, such as fuel supply, emissions and ash disposal. Our services extend through to the heating network infrastructure and District Heating systems. 

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