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Locogen offer clients an assessment of the energy demands of their property and present solutions. Our typical process is detailed below. 

Coupling our heat loss model with the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), we make recommendations of energy efficient technologies complimentary to the project. These recommendations are presented as an Options Appraisal with cost-comparison including running costs, environmental impact and payback periods. We can also include the client’s preferred technologies to inform the design stage SAP and predicted EPC, to then be used in a building warrant submission.  

From our extensive experience and long-term supplier relationships, we can specify all the kit needed with detail required by installers in our Detailed Design and Equipment Specification. From this we can help to precisely cost the project.  

Further, if required, our accredited Domestic Energy Assessor can convert the design stage SAP to an As Built SAP for the building’s Completion Certificate.

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