Conscientious, attentive and responsive asset management services to both corporate and private clients in the UK on all sizes of wind and solar projects. 

Locogen has been providing professional asset management services for renewable energy projects since 2012. By operating as a consultancy, an installer and an investor of renewable energy assets, we believe our background gives us a unique perspective. We can see things from the client’s point of view which enables us to offer an asset management service which not only ensures the safe and proper operation of your renewable asset, but also maximises your revenue streams and boosts your return on investment. 

Our asset management service covers a wide range and scale of technologies including hydro schemes, single and multi-turbine wind sites, solar farms and biomass boilers. Our standard asset management service includes performance analysis, maintenance coordination, operational administration, regulatory compliance and financial services. Further, our asset management team can offer additional services such as PPA renewals, HV maintenance services and other market offerings as they arise, which ensures you are always maximising the value of your asset. 

With the life of a renewable asset finite, securing the right asset management package is vital. 

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