Operating, managing and maintaining renewable energy assets in a cost-effective way.

Once construction is completed, the project moves into the operational phase – and into the hands of our renewables asset management team. 

Asset management is key to ensuring both the safe operation of your asset, and also maximising revenue streams and return on investment.

Locogen has comprehensive service packages available for wind, solar, anaerobic digestion and hydroelectricity projects. We recognise that one size very rarely fits all so we provide bespoke solutions to match the needs of each client.

Whether for an individual 50kW solar system or a multiple-turbine wind farm that operates as part of a larger portfolio, our asset management services include:

  • Performance analysis
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Operational administration
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Financial services

Asset management for renewables overview

Asset management is key to ensuring the safe operation of your renewable energy asset, maximising revenue streams and boosting return on investment.

Securing the right asset management package for your renewables project is therefore vital in ensuring that the asset performs to your expectations over the course of its lifetime.

Locogen has comprehensive asset management packages for wind, solar, hydro, biomass and anaerobic digestion projects and we tailor these packages to meet the precise needs of individual clients.

What is asset management?

In the context of renewable energy, asset management refers to an overarching discipline of operating, maintaining, monitoring and managing renewable energy assets. Proper asset management will take into consideration a number of different facets, including administrative, contractual, financial, operational, regulatory and technical aspects. In doing so, professional asset management for renewables maximises revenues while ensuring safe and proper operation.

The Locogen difference

Locogen has been providing asset management for renewable energy projects since 2012. We operate as a consultancy, installer and developer of renewable energy projects in addition to managing our own portfolio of renewable energy assets. We believe this background gives us a unique perspective, enabling us to see things from the client’s point of view and develop asset management services for renewable energy projects that deliver maximum value. Our experience also spans a wide variety of technologies, including anaerobic digestion, hydro, biomass, solar and wind projects. Again, this allows us to tailor asset management packages specifically to the needs of these technologies.

Most importantly, however, we are able to offer bespoke solutions, which reflect the unique requirements of each individual site and project owner.

Renewables asset management: elements of service

Locogen offers a comprehensive package of asset management services for renewables across sectors and scales, from community-scale hydro systems and roof mounted solar installations to multi-megawatt wind farms. Our services include: 

Performance analysis

Our renewables asset management team utilises remote monitoring systems to analyse key operational data and ensure your renewable energy asset is performing to specification. Alert and alarm systems instantly highlight any operational issues and allow us to take early remedial action. We analyse the performance of your renewable asset daily, weekly and monthly and we benchmark the performance against similar installations in the locality. We identify any anomalies, investigate the cause of reduced performance and create a plan of action to address issues. We pride ourselves on the speed of our response and the clarity of our communications as we resolve any problems.

Maintenance coordination

We offer asset management for wind, hydro, solar, biomass and anaerobic digestion installations and typically undertake quarterly site visits across all technologies. During these visits our team will inspect all key components, metering, log books, signage and civils. We also use drone-mounted cameras to inspect hard to access areas. We oversee planned maintenance, where this is carried out by the manufacturer, and act as the key contact between manufacturer and Distribution Network Operator to remove any burden from the client. For some technologies we also offer a choice of maintenance packages to suit specific installations.

Operational administration

Proper management of operational contracts can be just as important as performance when it comes to maximising renewable asset returns. Our asset management team reviews these contracts on a regular basis to ensure our clients are receiving best value for money.  We also take responsibility for Feed-in Tariff (FiT), Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO), Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) and Triad claims. In addition, we check meter readings against payments and manage all warranties and operational contracts.

Regulatory compliance

Renewable energy assets exist in an often complex regulatory context. Aspects of compliance can be overlooked once a project is commissioned, which can result in operational, financial or even legal risks. Locogen’s renewables asset management team takes responsibility for all aspects of regulatory compliance, including ensuring safe working practices, maintaining planning conditions, environmental compliance, grid connection agreements and total installed capacity (TIC) parameters. In doing so, we provide complete peace of mind for the client by ensuring that all mandatory requirements are met.

Financial services

The financial services component completes our asset management for renewables offering. We know that many renewable energy projects are set up as Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). SPVs are distinct legal entities which require their own financial reporting for stakeholders such as shareholders and financiers and for statutory submissions. Our asset management team delivers these responsibilities, including bank reporting (where required), bookkeeping, management accounts and VAT compliance.

We also offer a full operation and maintenance (O&M) service for ground- and roof-mounted solar PV systems.

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