Welcome to The Locogen Group, an award-winning specialist in the renewable energy sector.

What we do

Our vision is to see the world powered 100% by distributed renewable and low carbon energy; where everyone has access to affordable, sustainable energy and clean air. We work to realise that vision by delivering renewable and low carbon solutions that work for our customers and partners.

How we do it 

We work to realise that vision by providing investment-grade technical and commercial expertise and advisory services to support the development, design, build and operation of renewable energy and low carbon projects in the UK and internationally.

An empowering culture 

We have created a culture and environment which empowers our team to help clients maximise results from their renewable energy or low carbon projects. This means setting standards to deliver performance that exceeds expectations. It means being creative in finding new and better ways to service those clients. It means being inspired by our clients, the positive impact of our work and by talents of our colleagues. It means being open, honest and fair in all our business activities. And it also means working harder to get things done and drive projects over the line.

In short, what we deliver is peace of mind: the expertise to create bespoke solutions that reliably and continuously meet our clients’ aspirations, and the experience to deliver those projects to plan with no surprises. 

Our renewable and low carbon solutions 

We work across technologies, independent of any vendor, deploying our experience and expertise to identify the best-fit solution for our clients and partners. We have extensive experience in developing, constructing and operating ground-mounted solar farms, hydroelectric schemes and wind farms. We also deliver community renewables projects, roof-mounted solar projects, along with renewable heating solutions, including district heating, ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps. 

Project phases 

We provide our clients with services at every stage of the renewable energy project cycle: from feasibility and development, onto consenting, design, build and operation. For mature projects we also offer life extension, repowering and decommissioning services. 

Wherever you are on that renewable energy journey, we can provide the expertise to deliver the results you need. 

Our clients 

Our vision is to bring the benefits of renewable energy and low carbon generation to everyone, so it’s perhaps not surprising that our clients come from such a wide variety of sectors. 

Banks, investors, lenders and buyers 

To provide due diligence services, ensuring investment decisions in renewable energy projects are as robust as possible. 

Community groups 

To develop renewable energy solutions that provide valuable income to those communities. 

Farmers and other landowners

To deploy renewable energy generation and low carbon heat, which helps them diversify their business, cut costs and develop new revenue streams. 

New build house builders and social housing landlords

To install renewables that help them meet targets and provide cheaper, cleaner energy to homeowners and tenants. 

Corporates and SMEs

To minimise energy bills, create security of supply and boost corporate social responsibility credentials, thus sharpening their competitive edge. 


To identify and develop sites suitable for wind, solar or hydro projects. 

Wind, solar and hydro generator owners

To manage their renewable energy assets, ensuring safe operation, regulatory compliance, peak performance and maximum returns. 

Public sector 

To help them meet their carbon reduction targets, lower costs and act as exemplar organisations to the wider community. 

Developments, joint ventures and investments 

We have been developing our own renewable energy projects since 2009, in onshore wind, hydro and solar. We often develop as part of a joint venture and we’re always keen to hear from potential partners looking to take forward a project, or landowners with a suitable site.  

Locogen also invests in projects across the UK and in West Africa and we are well-placed to secure finance for clients and partners. Locogen SAS, meanwhile, develops solar and wind projects in France. 


Key technologies 

Onshore Wind 

Locogen has a full service offering for wind farm developers, operatorsowners and investors. Our clients range from community groups to utility-scale wind farm developers and we have projects across the UK and France.


Solar Farms

In a post-subsidy world, solar PV can still achieve an ROI of 20%. Locogen offers services from feasibility to construction and operation for sites from commercial scale behind-the-meter solar to larger-scale solar farms. 


Renewable Heat

Decarbonising heat is a huge challenge as we move towards net zero carbon. Locogen offers expertise in air source and ground source heat pumps, along with shared loop and district heating systems.