Welcome to The Locogen Group, a multi-award winning developer, contractor and consultancy in the renewable energy sector.

We are one of Scotland’s leading renewable energy companies, providing renewable energy consultancy, development, operational and contracting services to clients across multiple industry sectors and technologies. Founded in 2009, we have completed more than 500 renewable energy projects, both for our own development division and on behalf of our clients.

Our vision is to see Locogen operating as a global developer and renewables consultancy in a world powered 100% by affordable, sustainable energy and we intend to realise that vision by facilitating the development, construction and operation of local and affordable low carbon energy solutions for our partners and our clients in the UK and internationally.

To help us on our journey we have built a renewable energy consultancy team of chartered planners, engineers, GIS technicians, electricians, construction project managers, accountants and support staff. This gives us the in-house capability to manage projects from inception all the way through to commissioning and then to manage the operation and maintenance of your renewable energy asset.

We have organised our business into four service delivery areas: development, operational services, consultancy and energy services. We have also expanded internationally, with Locogen SAS in France and solar PV investments in Africa.

Renewable Energy Development

Locogen has been successfully developing renewable energy projects since being founded in 2009, completing commercial-scale wind, solar farms and hydro projects. We often develop projects in partnership with other organisations, such as private equity investors, landowners and community groups. We are always looking for new projects to invest in and we bring considerable experience and expertise as renewable energy consultants to ensure success. We also offer a zero-risk option for renewable energy development, where we lease your site and take full responsibility for every aspect of the development. If you’re simply looking for finance, we can help you identify the best-fit deal or look at investing in your project ourselves.

Take a look at our first ever turbine installation below.

Renewable Energy Operational Services

Our operational services team delivers renewables asset management, operation and maintenance services across a range of technologies. Asset management is key to ensuring the proper operation of your renewable energy asset, maximising revenue streams and boosting return on investment. Securing the right asset management package for your renewables project is therefore vital in ensuring that the asset performs to your expectations over the course of its lifetime.  Locogen has comprehensive asset management services for wind, solar, hydro, biomass and anaerobic digestion projects and we tailor these packages to meet the precise needs of individual clients. Locogen’s wind turbine maintenance teams, meanwhile, carry out all scheduled and warranty maintenance activities, ensuring compliance with health & safety legislation, manufacturers’ guidelines and safe and proper operation of your asset. Our teams have the right technical experience, tooling, safety training and technical support to maintain and maximise turbine performance from an array of turbine models, including re-manufactured brands. We provide assured, transparent and performance-driven turbine maintenance and quality inspection services through customer and project orientated work packages, complimented by 24/7 remote performance monitoring and rapid fault response times. 

Renewable Energy Consultancy

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, our renewable energy consultancy team provides professional services at every stage in the life of a renewable energy project. At the very earliest stage, we can conduct a feasibility study to advise on the viability of the project and perform formal due diligence services to ensure lenders or investors are appraised of all project risks. Our design team will take the project through from survey to complete project design and our consenting services will make sure all the proper consents are obtained to allow the project to proceed.

Once the project is underway, our procurement advice will ensure that all necessary contracts are in place for the build to begin and our construction management team will ensure all works are carried out safely, on schedule and to budget.

When the project becomes operational, our renewable energy asset management team offers a range of asset management, operation and maintenance packages to make certain that the asset operates safely, while delivering optimal returns.

Renewable Energy Services

Our energy services team complements our renewable energy consultancy and development divisions, offering contracting services over a wide range of technology sectors. We are an industry leading provider of turnkey solar PV installations across multiple industries, including new-build housing, public, and commercial sectors. To date, our renewable energy services team has completed over 3MW of installations across the UK. Our technology offerings also include LED lighting, energy storage, EV charging and voltage optimisation solutions. Our team includes experienced consultants, designers, site engineers, electricians and project managers. The renewable energy services team can also act as principal or main contractor, taking full control and responsibility for construction of your renewable energy project.

Locogen France

Locogen has based its renewable energy consultancy in Edinburgh, Scotland, since being founded in 2009. Always outward-looking, however, we founded Locogen SAS in France in 2016. Operating from offices in Rennes and Dijon, Locogen SAS is focused on development of the commercial solar and onshore wind sectors in France.

If you have a project you wish to discuss, please get in touch.