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renewable energy specialists

Welcome to The Locogen Group. We're an internationally recognised and award-winning expert in facilitating the development, construction and operation of renewable energy systems for our partners and clients. 

We provide all the expertise, services and support our clients need to invest in high quality renewable energy and low carbon technologies in the UK and internationally. We do this by providing consultancy and contracting services to clients and through direct investment in projects and technology solutions with our partners.

This is achieved through our UK and international subsidiary companies:

  • Locogen Consulting: Providing investment-grade technical and commercial expertise and advisory services to support the development, design, build and operation of projects.
  • Locogen Energy Services: Providing turnkey design and build services to deliver low carbon energy solutions in the built environment.
  • Locogen Developments: Investing in the development and operation of low carbon and renewable energy projects in the UK, either independently or with our partners.
  • Locogen Investments: Investing internationally in technology solutions and companies aligned with our vision.
  • Locogen SAS: Investing in the development and operation of renewable energy projects in France, either independently or with our partners.

We operate across the renewable power, low carbon heat and low carbon transport sectors. We carefully select reputable high-performing technology providers for our solutions, but always remain independent to ensure the best solutions for each individual situation.

We consent, engineer, procure, construct and operate solutions that deliver results and provide an attractive return on investment for our clients. We offer a full range of services to develop, build and operate all mature and demonstrably successful technologies in these sectors, from concept through construction to operation and decommissioning

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